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justbreathebaby's Journal

sometimes I feel I've got to run away..I've got to get away.....

1 October 1983
In my early 30's.
New England native.
Lover of cats.
Artsy fartsy.
Beatnik of sorts.
I only wear the color black. In fact my entire life revolves around the color black.From my car,cats, home décor, and clothing, etc.. the list goes on. It's my happy color.
Chef by degree but currently not working as one.
ADHD.My journal tends to be all over the place.
Survivor of sorts.
Happily child-free.No kids for me.
More of a listener than a talker.

(But I can gab your ear off about my cats LOL)
Hobby photographer.
Halloween enthusiast!
Slightly obsessed with all things skull or skeleton related.
Makeup junkie. One day I'll try and post a tutorial.
I'm always singing.
I'm currently trying to learn to play piano, acoustic guitar and bass guitar.
I have made it a hobby to try new hobbies.

*I am not religious.
*I am not political.
To each their own. I don't push my beliefs on anyone and expect the same respect.

I don't comment much but I do read. If you'd like to add me feel free and let me know and I will add you back.